Hair Removal

Effective temporary removal of unwanted hair using a pearl wax with soothing and protective properties.

Full Leg and Bikini £34.00 High Bikini £18.00
Full Leg £28.00 Under Arm £11.00
3/4 Leg £24.00 Back or Chest £21.00
1/2 Leg (ankle to knee) £19.50 Lip, Chin or Eyebrow £10.00
Arm £19.50 Lip and Chin £16.00
Bikini £12.00 Lip Bleach £11.00

Hot Wax – Female Intimate Waxing

This type of waxing involves hair removal from the public region.  Hot wax makes shorter and more stubborn hairs easier to remove.

Brazilian Wax (all hair removed leaving a small strip at the front) £35.00
Hollywood Wax (complete hair removal) £35.00

Epil – Sonic
This treatment harnesses the power of sound energy to destroy the papillary cells and disabling stem cells in the bulge leading to permanent hair reduction.  Ideal for anyone with medical conditions and pregnant women.

Initial consultation including aftercare cream £22.00
Up to 5 minutes £11.00
Up to 10 minutes £18.50
Up to 15 minutes £25.00

Effective removal of strong coarse facial hair using short wave diathermy and a new Sterex needle for each client.
Free consultation.

5 minutes (minimum charge) £13.00
Up to 15 minutes £17.00
Up to 30 minutes £26.00

Intense Pulse Light Therapy
A revolutionary and pain free permanent reduction of unwanted hair. A course of treatment is required for this fast and effective alternative. Please ask for a free consultation and test patch.  Ask for price list

Hair V Go
Are you fed up of peach fuzz (fine downy hair) on your face?  This is an alkaline hair removal treatment formulated to remove and reduce fine, fluffy and non-hormonal hair painlessly.

Prices start from £35.00